The Recklessly Curious is my space where I get to explore my curiosities, the importance of curiosity, celebrate the curious and show you how you can become more curious yourself.



About Me

I haven't always been curious. 

I used to think that my world view was restricted, that there was only one way to see things. But over time I learned that the more I explored, the more questions I asked, the more curious I became, the more the world showed me that there is so much out there. 

So I started this blog to share that experience with you in hopes that we can create a community of curious people, or perhaps you yourself can become more curious. 

I treat my job and my hobbies as an outlet for my curiosity. I am an advertising (DDB Canada) and design guy (Karacters) / DDB Ignite Advisor / Vice President of TEDxVancouver / COO of ManTalks / Co-Host of the ManTalks Podcast / Recklessly curious.